Medical Ear Piercing

Medical ear piercing performed by a trained medical professional. The time is taken to ensure that the earrings will be placed in the perfect spot for your ear lobes. A single-use, sterile surgical marker is used in the process to ensure accuracy while maintaining a sterile environment.



Medical Ear Piercing for Infants, Children & Adults, By Tracy Burton, NP-Paeds, MHSc, IBCLC

About Tracy Burton, NP-Paeds, MHSc, IBCLC

mother, pediatric nurse practitioner, lactation consultant, educator, baby wellness expert

Tracy Burton is a highly knowledgeable and respected pediatric nurse practitioner whose specialty is newborn assessment, baby wellness, lactation consultation, clinical nutrition and sleep consultation. Her focus is rooted within health promotion and disease prevention.

The foundation of her clinical practice relies on evidence-based medicine to guide the care that she provides to many patients and their families. Her clinical interest focuses on overcoming barriers to increasing breastfeeding rates and longevity among ethnic families.

In a clinical setting, she works closely with patients to customize a care plan that works for their lifestyle to ensure that families are empowered with education and evidence-based therapeutic interventions that lead to successful clinical outcomes. When working with families who experience challenges related to health and wellness, she firmly believes that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

In continuing along a path of lifelong learning, Tracy completed her post-graduate studies in the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program with a specialization in Pediatrics at the University of Toronto. She received a Master of Health Sciences degree from the University of Toronto and holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Nursing from Ryerson University.

She is currently registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario and the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

Why Choose Tracy Burton for your Medical Ear Piercing?

  • Trust a highly trained health professional to perform a procedure that involves skillful technique to ensure proper placement while adhering to universal safety precautions
  • Our piercings are performed in a private, clinic room setting that is clean and hygienic
  • A consent form will be reviewed prior to the procedure that outlines potential risks and side effects
  • Health teaching is provided to ensure that aftercare instructions are understood. A written copy of the aftercare instructions is provided
  • 24/7 nurse practitioner support is included after the piercing (just in case you have any questions)
  • Free jewellery changes are included
  • Available for all ages (as young as 4 months old*)

Safety First…

I have been trained to perform medical ear piercing and only use medical grade plastic or titanium that reduces the possibility of nickel allergy and comes in various styles.

Medical Grade Plastic or Titanium Earrings

  • Swarovski crystals set in medical grade plastic or titanium
  • Eliminates the risk of developing a nickel-based or any other type of metal allergy that is commonly seen with gold
  • Enclosed backings ensure the earring post does not poke through to irritate the skin behind the ear

Perfectly Centred Earrings

We take our time to ensure that the earrings will be placed in the perfect spot for your ear lobes. A single-use, sterile surgical marker is used in the process to ensure accuracy while maintaining a sterile environment.

Medical Piercing System

Piercings are done with a system designed and licensed for use by medical professionals. Earrings are in a sealed, sterile, single-use cassette that is disposed of for each client.

After Care Plan

A simple, aftercare plan is provided to guide you with taking care of the ear piercing.

The Piercing Dilemma for Infants

As a mom of two girls, it was my decision to give them earrings at a very young age…4 months old. I had great difficulty finding somewhere and someone qualified to provide this service aside from the local “tween” shops. Additionally, parents often ask me where to get their child’s ears pierced and I had no recommendations.

Whatever your reason for piercing your child’s ears, you want to ensure that it’s done safely and professionally.

  • Breastfeeding moms are encouraged to nurse their little one at anytime during the procedurem
  • Child’s immunization status must be current based on Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines
  • Little ones are given a keepsake to remember their ear piercing experience

Ear Piercing with Tracy Burton, NP-Paeds, MHSc, IBCLC

*not subject to HST

Time Price
Standard Consultation 45 mins includes earrings $140*
topical anesthetic $20*