Body Treatments

Don’t forget to take care of your body. A body treatment is like a whole-body facial and the perfect way to take care of the skin you are in. All of our body treatments provide an all over exfoliation and intense hydration to revitalize the skin. A body treatment that incorporates a wrap infuses the skin with essential vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients to nourish the skin. A body treatment is an incredibly relaxing treatment to soothe the soul.



There’s no doubt about it. Your face takes a beating out there, all alone facing the harsh elements. But guess what? So does the rest of your body. A body treatment is like a whole-body facial.

Got a function and you really want to wear that gorgeous skin-revealing number? Then a body treatment is perfect for you!

What does a body treatment do?

Body treatments cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin which results in detoxifying benefits.

Exfoliation is key to keeping the skin feeling and looking healthy. During the exfoliation, the top dead layers of the skin are removed, allowing the skin to breathe and release toxins.

A mixture of oil and salt or sugar or clay is applied to the body. During your treatment, your Allegra spa therapist will work the mixture evenly to ensure complete skin exfoliation.

ilike Organic Skin Care Body Treatments

Made from whole raw herb, fruit and vegetable pulps – not extracts! – ilike products harness the full potency of herbal ingredients that only the rind, skin and seeds in combination with the juices can deliver. Every ilike product is full of vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, polyphenols and bioflavonoids, and combined with other active ingredients they not only indulge and pamper but also treat, nourish and beautify the skin, rejuvenating it from the inside out. The ingredients and products are certified organic (BDIH), paraben free, GMO free, gluten free and nut free, utilizing only natural ingredients and preservatives.

Seaflora Seaweed Body Treatments

The ocean has been a powerful life source to humanity. A key to health, beauty and relaxation. Throughout history, ocean based health therapies have evolved to treat rheumatism, arthritis, joint troubles and injuries, as well as to promote beauty, anti-aging and to target chronic skin conditions.

Thalassotherapy is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’. Using ocean water, seaweed, ocean mud and marine minerals to treat ailments, thalassotherapy treatments allow the body to replenish, re-mineralize and revitalize to promote health, healing and relaxation for mind, body and soul.

Treatment Description Time Price
ilike Cherries & Chocolate Body Wrap Full body exfoliation, wrap & lotion 70 mins $130
ilike 24 Carrot Body Wrap Full body exfoliation, wrap & lotion 70 mins $130
Seaflora Organic Body Salt Glow* Fully body exfoliation & lotion 45 mins $85
Seaflora Thalassotherapy Cocoon-Mud Wrap* Full body exfoliation, wrap & lotion 70 mins $115
Seaflora Seaweed Organic Back Scrub & Massage Back exfoliation & 30 min massage 45 mins $90
*Add On 30 min Massage 30 min relaxation massage 30 mins $40