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sliced or diced apples are soooooo nice … not to mention full of essential nutrients that help your skin to glow … apples have also been known to settle down acne and irritation … 

and let’s not neglect the benefits of that proliferous pepper paprika … aside from being a spicy garnish, paprika is also known to expand blood vessels and boost circulation, giving your skin a natural flush that can leave you feeling, hot, hot, hot

Best Spa Milton – Diamond Award Celebration

SAVE 50%  ilike Deep Cleansing Regenerating Facial $55 save $55

Thank you Milton for all of your support.

Beautiful Skin Revealed

AHA Apple & Paprika Fruit Peel Facial $99 save $51
ilike Anti-Aging Facial $95 save $40
Microdermabrasion Facial $95 save $30

Facial Kick Start Skinplan

1 AHA Apple & Paprika Fruit Peel Facial
1 Anti-Aging Facial
1 Deep Cleansing Facial

$66.95   including HST
4 Monthly Payments SAVE 40% ($395)
Limit 1 per customer

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